Workshop on Legal Rights for Women

As stated by Sheryl Sandberg "We cannot change what we are not aware of and once we're aware we cannot help but change." On 19th September 2019 the Woman Welfare Advisory Committee in collaboration with the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology Development organised an interactive workshop reflecting on the topic 'Legal rights for women'. The workshop "Ab Samjhauta Nahi" which is a part of initiative by Vivel was hosted by the Josh talk speaker Ms. Anmol Kohli.

The Know Your Rights initiative by Vivel is designed to raise awareness about the legal rights that empower and safeguard women. It aims to change the collective consciousness of the youth through increased perceptiveness on gender- sensitive issues, enabling gender- responsive actions at a personal level and building confidence through the knowledge of rights.

Through the nation-wide workshop series in colleges, Vivel hopes to inspire young Indians to be the Champions of Equality.

The workshop continued for about 2 hours and the interactive session involved students from across the college delivering their perspectives, opinions and knowledge on the topics being discussed.It dealt with issues relating to fundamental rights, gender equality, cyber security, cyber bullying, cyber stalking and the laws dealing with the same. 

  • It spoke of various committees in different institutions and workplaces established to deal with bullying, harassment and various other criminal offences against women.

  • It defined the need to know one's rights and an introduction detailing with Fundamental rights and the concept of gender equality.

  • Equality- At work and at home which details the legal rights and framework for Sexual Harassment, POSCO, Domestic Violence, Divorce, Alimony and Inheritance.

  • Cyber safety which includes cyber stalking, bullying and how the law deals with it.

  • The module, in addition, helped define the rights one should know regarding the police and explained the Definition of Consent as provided by the law.

Given the number of crimes that are committed against women, it is pertinent that woman are aware of the laws that are in place to protect them but they might lack knowledge on what actually constitutes of sexual harassment, are derogatory remarks counted as sexual harassment or what are the measures they can go by in order to speak against any sort of violence or harassment inflicted on them at a workplace.


With an elaborate discussion of the legal rights and laws that are in place there was a discussion of how the awareness spread gradually around the country and the three most influential cases that paved way for the influential change and led the High Court of India amend and establish laws regarding various crimes against humanity.

The workshop was concluded with the intention that it is our right to know our rights. When we are aware of our rights, we know when they are being protected and respected, and only then we cannot be denied of them.

The program urges the millennial's to celebrate the strength of women. Or simply lend their voices and support to campaigns that fight against exploitation and trafficking, generate sustainable livelihoods for women and create feminist leaders at the grassroots to effect generational change.

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