Startify - The Entrepreneurial Talk

On the 21st of February, 2019, the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology Development held its first ever event, Startify. The whole team of E-cell, Ram Lal Anand College, Delhi University, worked hard to make it memorable and was quite elated with the turn ups. Having a footfall of 250+ enthusiastic students helped us to make this event a successful one.

Startify was an entrepreneurial talk which consisted of four distinct upper echelons of the startup world. We had with us the following personalities to grace our event:-


  • Ms. Tanya Kathpal (Founder of Eat My News)

  • Mr. Dheeraj Jorwal (Founder and director of Brandzup)

  • Mr. Robin Jha (CEO of TPOT)

  • Mr. Aditya Arora (CEO of Faad Network).

The event began with lighting of the auspicious lamp and a short address by our Principal Sir, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta. He thanked the four speakers for gracing us with their presence, and appreciated the hard work put in by the members of the cell and the coordinator to organize such an event.

The young entrepreneurs shared their journey, their struggles and their experiences that led them to where they are now. Ms. Tanya Kathpal, being the first speaker for the day, interacted with the audience and put everyone in high spirits.


Being an impressive motivational speaker, she enticed the audience as she spoke about her journey to being the founder of Eat My News and how she overcame all her fears and left no stone unturned to reach this level. Her journey motivated the audience and further educated the students about the concept of startup and how it is not quite the dazzling journey that people imagine, and just like every other profession and business, brings with it many unexpected events.


Mr. Dheeraj Jorwal followed after Ms. Tanya Kathpal. He connected with the audience due to his simplicity. His easy going nature was quite a refreshment to the audience. Being the Founder and Director of Brandzup and being associated with many famous YouTube personalities like Harsh Beniwal and Elvish Yadav, he talked about digital, technological and content making start-ups like Brandzup itself that promote hardworking youngsters.


In addition to this, Mr. Jorwal also talked about the various struggles he faced, his family's lack of knowledge about his own startup and other difficulties that he overcame.


Following the above mentioned speakers, Mr. Robin Jha came forth to answer some basic questions about start-ups and entrepreneurship that most people present in the amphitheater had on their minds.


As Mr. Jha is the CEO of TPOT, a start-up chain of more than 21 tea bars spread across Delhi NCR, he also spoke about his transition from the corporate professional world to a world of start-ups and knowledge, from being a Chartered Accountant to an Entrepreneur. Moreover, he advised the students to choose knowledge over money, an advice which was very well heeded by the students present there.


The last speaker of the day was Mr. Aditya Arora, who was a fellow DUite from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies and the CEO of the Faad Network. Seeing an entrepreneur as young as him undoubtedly motivated the audience to reach out for their own goals of start-ups.


Being almost of the same age group, the audience could very well connect with Mr. Arora on various platforms. He spoke about innumerable difficulties that he faced in his journey and how they gradually helped him reach his goal.


An interactive Question and Answer Round took place after every speaker present had spoken about his/her journey. Plenty of questions came up, and the panel tried to answer them to the best of their abilities which satisfied the audience and quenched their thirst for knowledge about the mesmerizing world of entrepreneurship and start-ups.


The Entrepreneurial Talk, Startify was followed by a B-Plan Game, Enigma.


Enigma witnessed enthusiastic participants from colleges like Maitreyi College, Jesus and Mary College, Moti Lal Nehru College, Ramjas College, Satywati College and many more who wanted to showcase their skills and take home the prizes offered.


The game was split into 2 rounds:

  • Bid With Wit (Preliminary round):

This round consisted of a business auction in which a team of maximum four students had to buy 5 of the world's biggest businessmen. It came with its own set of rules and regulations, and the teams were given a budget of 5 crores. The vibrant participants enjoyed such a mind boggling game and 5 teams reached the next round.

  • Damage Control (Final round):

The main challenge began here. The teams were provided with some real life market issues and had to handle their PR so as to regain the trust of the general public. This was yet another enthralling game.


The winners Raaghav Gupta and Ashwin Kalra ended up winning this enticing game, followed closely by the runner-ups Disha, Pradyut, Yogesh and Kautilya, and went home elated with a cash prize of ₹8,000 and many other exciting coupons offered by our sponsors.


With that, our first ever event came to a successful end.


Startify and Enigma were the end results of months of planning, research and continuous hard work of all the team members of E-Cell, the committee members and also our sponsors. We hope to carry on this level of excellence and organize even better events in the future!

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