Business Plan Competition 3.0

Entrepreneurship Cell, Ram Lal Anand College is proud to announce the third edition of Business Plan Competition.

The Business Plan Competition is a platform for individuals aspiring to pave their path into the entrepreneurial sector in pursuit to fulfill their dreams and establish a point. 

It's a junction for budding start-up ideas to gain advice to facilitate a better product/service with effective cogitation, funding and networking opportunities. 

Exclusive opportunities for Ram Lal Anand College students to the execution of their respective ideas with the aid of:

  • Mentorship

  • Seed Funding

  • Incubation

  • Guidance

  • Help to go about the Idea

Note: Everyone who comes up with a feasible idea that can be implemented in the market will be provided with all of the above mentioned and much more in addition to rewards for the best start-up idea.

Why should you participate in the B-Plan Competition?

What use is the knowledge imparted, books read, information gained if it’s not put to use and what use is an idea if it’s not executed?

You have an idea but not the aid, you might have the aid but not any idea. You might not know how to go about the idea. We are here to solve or rather help you out with it.

Do participate in the competition. We assure you won’t regret it !

What if you have an idea but don’t know how to go about it?

You have an idea? PERFECT. We are here to facilitate its execution. Go through the guidelines to go ahead with your plan.

This competition is a unique confluence of budding start-up ideas to gain constructive feedback and gain lucrative networking opportunities.


You have an idea. But, don't understand what to do at all, then what?

Okay. You know every entrepreneur has been at his/her lowest. It's from the abyss of failure that they have emerged from STRONG and CONFIDENT enough. All you need is self-confidence and a  belief in your own self that it's possible and YOU CAN DO IT. 'Cause when Plan-A fails, it's time for B-Plan.

You can contact us personally or via e-mail. We are more than happy to solve your doubts.

Why should you come up with your million dollar idea for just a sum of INR 5000?

Yes, we are giving a cash prize of INR 5000 to the BEST TWO Start-Up Ideas.

But, wait  

The ideas which are feasible and can be implemented in the market will get the opportunity to  gain advice and facilitate a better idea with effective brainstorming and networking opportunities. 

Such ideas get: Mentorship, Seed Funding, Incubation and much more!

Be a part and stand a chance to get yourself ready for the start-up world!

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