E-Cell RLAC is a cell where the students are given the opportunity so that they can recognize the true Entrepreneur within themselves and have a platform where they can comprehend the entrepreneurial attitude and skills.


Business Plan Competition 2019

The B-Plan Competition is to provide the students with the platform to bring up their start up ideas. Their presentations would be judged by investors and other professionals. Winners would get mentor-ship, funding and guidance.

Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights & How to Kick Start Your Start-Up

Workshop on IPR and How to kick start your start-up was organized on 30th March, 2019. It included various managers and professors from huge companies and even institutions like IIT. There were various topics discussed in the workshop related to entrepreneurship, patentability and others.

Startify'19 - The Entrepreneurial Talk

Our First Event took place on 21st Feb, 2019. It included  an entrepreneurial talk that could kindle the zeal within the young entrepreneurs. Also, ENIGMA, the business auction included exciting cash prizes.


The cell has got members who are really laborious and know their responsibility well and are result oriented. Their hard work is the most fundamental element through which we have gained success in the past events.

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